Get to know us

Based in Brantford, established in 2003, General Industrial Services is a family owned company. GIS is the best and most convenient place to recycle your scrap metal. Our well-trained staff have been passionately serving the Brant County community for years.

We have specialties in ferrous and non-ferrous metals and are excellent at identifying each material so you get the best price for your goods.

We pride ourselves in the success and growth the company has achieved over the years. We owe much of our successes to our loyal customers and the relationships we have built within the community to process all metal waste in the cleanest and most ethical way possible.

assorted eyeglasses lot on box
assorted eyeglasses lot on box

Meet Jas

GIS Owner

Jas has been a staple name in the scrap metal business for decades.

He is a father of five and has called Brantford home since he was young.

Jas started General Industrial Services with the intent of creating a better and cleaner planet.

He and his family are active members of the community.

"Come by! Say hi! And bring us your junk!" - Jas

Our mission

We are focused to aid in the sustainability of our planet. Our earth and its resources are finite. We sort all products received and ensure we deliver them to the appropriate recyclers. We operate with the highest safety standards so that the materials are recycled in their purest form.

Our vision

We want to live in a world that produces enough for all its people. We use the best practices in the industry to help process materials ethically and cleanly so that we have a more sustainable future.

blue red and yellow thread
blue red and yellow thread