General Industrial Services, 327 Murray St. PO Box 20004, Brantford, ON. Tel: 519-756-6918

“General Industrial Services” Based in Brantford, established in 2003,  is a family owned company. “General Industrial Services” is the your number one place for recycling of your scrap metal. We and our knowledgeable and well trained staff have been passionately involved with the metal recycling industry with a special emphasis on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

At “General Industrial Services” we have a wealth of industry knowledge. We pride ourselves in the success and growth the company has achieved throughout the years and we look forward to our future successes. With having a vast knowledge of the metal recycling industry we aim to provide excellent service for all your metal recycling needs, We always are looking for ways to operate efficiently as possible in order to maximize the returns for your scrap. We are continually striving to improve the standards of our industry to help conserve our countries precious natural resources.

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General Industrial Services